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The Top 4 Benefits of Regular Exercise


We all know exercise is good for you, but why?

The next time you can't be bothered getting off the couch, think about these 4 benefits, and get yo ass up.


1. Exercise controls weight loss

It can prevent weight gain, or help with weight loss dependent on how much you do, but exercising burns calories. The more you exercise the more calories you burn.


2. Exercise improves your mood

Are you feeling flat and tired or having a stressful day at work? One of the most common mental benefits of exercise is relieving stress. Any form of exercise for 20-30 will stimulate endorphins, which create feelings of happiness to help you through your day.


3. Exercise boosts energy

Exercising actually gives you more energy to go about your day helping you through 3.30itis or those chores you cant really be bothered doing. Exercise helps your cardiovascular system work more efficiently, essentially giving you more energy throughout the day.


4. Exercising is fun

If you dread going for a run, or hitting the gym try new ways to get active. Yoga, social sport, swimming, boxing, the list is endless. One of the best ways to stay committed is to exercise with a friend or in a group. It could be a long walk with the girls discussing boyfriend issues, or a kick of the footy down at the park with the guys, whining about their girlfriends.



Getting active and exercising is a great way to treat your body to the many benefits you can get, its fun, challenging and rewarding. So record that new reality TV episode, get out and get active. What’s not to like about feeling and looking healthier, having more energy and being happier?


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