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Creatine Facts



- Most researched sports supplement available

- Validated to improve performance in numerous scientific studies

- Increased lean muscle mass

- Increases in maximal efforts

- Increases in maximal power

- Increases in maximal strength

- Improves repeated efforts

- Improves hydration

- Benefits to heat tolerance during exercise


Creatine monohydrate is one of the most researched and validated sports supplements currently available. Hundreds of studies have outlined the positive effects of both health and exercise performance. Of these, more than 70% have showed significant improvements in performance and none have reported negative side effects when taken appropriately. Improved effects in maximal power output, strength and repeated efforts have been reported to range between 5-15% in subjects taking creatine. Many individuals ingesting creatine and completing resistance training, have shown  to gain double the amount of lean mass (over 4-12 weeks) compared to those using a placebo.


Creatine has been shown to counteract the losses in body mass and strength during periods of training where an athelite is required to do copious amounts of endurance training and complete weight training. This is often seen in preseason of sports such as Australian rules football. Creatine monohydrate may also be effective for sports that require an athelite to produce numerous repeated high intensity efforts. Team sports such as soccer, tennis basketball have this physical profile. In addition, regular training, either with weights or running, often requires repeated “sets” or “repetitions”. Here, creatine monohydrate may have the same effect in improving the output and quality of the later sets.


Recently, there have been numerous types of creatine used in supplementation. These newer derivatives have claims of faster absorption, improved performance and greater gains in lean muscle mass than creatine monohydrate. To date, no studies have been able to validate these claims and often have shown poorer gains when compared to the original creatine monohydrate.


Creatine is now been looked at in areas such as “mental fitness” and used extensively with aging to maintain strength, power and lean muscle mass. This is an exciting area that is sure to get a lot of attention as more research surfaces.


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