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Energy Protein Facts



- Increase Lean muscle mass

- Increase satiety

- Recover faster from exercise

- Support immune system

- Improve nutrient absorption

- Improve gut/intestinal health


Athelite Nutrition’s protein with carbohydrates is one of the first functional foods considered for holistic athelite needs. 

The design of ENERGY was based on recovery, performance and health of an individual. The combination of ingredients has taken a different approach than its competitors. Protein for recovery is about quality and timing. ENERGY uses high quality Whey Protein Hydrolysate (WPH) and Whey Protein Isolate (WPI) instead of the cheaper Whey Protein Concentrate (WPC) and Soy Proteins often found in supplements these days. The fast absorption of both WPH and WPI, provides the components to increase protein synthesis after exercise. 


To enhance the recovery process even further, ENERGY has added Leucine to each serve. Research has clearly shown that Leucine is the amino acid that triggers off the mTor (Mammalian target of rapamycin) process. This is the amino acid required to ignite recovery post exercise. Combined with fast acting carbohydrates, ENERGY both improves recovery from muscle damage and replenishes fuel used during exercise.


Carbohydrate replacement and recovery from muscle damage are only two aspects of an athelite’s needs for optimal performance. The aim was to provide a platform of supplementation that complimented good dietary intakes whilst providing key ingredients that weren’t readily available and accessible.  


To assist with the rigors of high training loads, travel and long hours, ENERGY added a unique blend of immune and intestinal health ingredients. Protecting an athelite during these demanding times so that their training isn’t compromised is of utmost importance. To improve gut health, we added a blend of beta-glucan from both oats and mushrooms. The premise was that if gut and intestinal health is addressed, then the benefit of improved nutrient absorption may compliment the quality protein in the formula. In addition, probiotics and bovine lactoferrin were used to increase gut flora and support the immune system.


Maintaining and preserving lean muscle mass during training is a key component to burning fat. Remember, we burn fat inside muscle so we don’t want to lose any. Often during dieting we lose both fat and muscle tissue. Regular daily intake of quality protein has shown to preserve and improve body composition. The addition of resistance training, aerobic training and sensible dietary habits will assist in fat loss, improved cardiovascular health, mental state and improved performance.


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